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Fantom launches on-chain funding system Ecosystem Vault



Fantom Foundation, the platform behind the Fantom (FTM) blockchain announced the launch of Ecosystem Vault on Friday.
Vault is a decentralised funding mechanism that will be financed by 10% of FTM transaction fees.
The funds in the vault are available to projects that get 55% approval in community-driven governance vote.

Fantom, a scalable Layer-1 blockchain platform, has officially launched Ecosystem Vault, a decentralised funding pool that will empower and help builders deploy new community-driven projects on the blockchain.

Vault to boost Fantom’s dApps ecosystem

Announcing that Vault was officially live, Fantom noted in a blog post that the funding mechanism will encompass governance proposals from the community.

The project represents Fantom’s continuing evolution as the community eyes further decentralisation, the Fantom Foundation team wrote.

Vault’s on-chain mechanism allows for a funding profile where projects and developers seeking to build decentralised apps (dApps) in the ecosystem can secure financing. As noted above, the funding pool also gives the Fantom community a chance to contribute to the growth of the blockchain via their funding decisions.

Per the Fantom Foundation, the Ecosystem Vault will get funds from 10% of transaction fees. The community controls these funds, which are a result of a reduction in the burn rate of native token FTM.  

Anyone can apply for the funds in the Vault, a process that requires applicants to create a Fantom Governance proposal (has 100 FTM fee). Afterwards, the proposal will need approval from 55% of the community based on 55% quorum. The Foundation tweeted:

5/ A proposal must receive at least 55% approval with 55% quorum to be considered successful. @Llamapay_io will be used to distribute all funding. Only wallet addresses included in the application can be paid.

— Fantom Foundation (@FantomFDN) January 19, 2023

As of Friday, 20 January, 2023 at 11:06 am ET, the vault held roughly 69,247 FTM tokens valued at just over $21,000.

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Deepfake Dilemma: The Alarming Spread of AI-Generated Intimate Content




Ever felt like we’re skimming across the surface of a digital lake, unaware of the profound depths beneath? Well, it turns out the waters are getting murkier, especially in the realm of deepfakes. A stark report by Graphika has surfaced, revealing a troubling surge in ‘AI undressing’ – the act of stripping away clothing from images with a few clicks and a dash of AI.

This isn’t just a fleeting concern; it’s a full-blown crisis ballooning out of control. The case of Twitch streamer Atrioc, who inadvertently exposed his consumption of deepfake content involving friends, was merely a glimpse of a much darker picture. Graphika’s figures are jaw-dropping: over 32,000 instances of non-consensual intimate imagery (NCII) referenced online this year, a 2,408% increase from 2022.

What used to be hidden in the murky corners of the internet has now become a nefarious cottage industry. These AI tools don’t just threaten to fabricate adult content; they open the floodgates to harassment, extortion, and the unspeakable – child sexual abuse material.

The response? Legal battles by high-profile figures like Scarlett Johansson aim to stem the tide, but for many, particularly in the adult industry, their plight remains unheard. And with AI’s relentless march forward, distinguishing between the real and the artificial becomes a herculean task for law enforcement.

There’s a glimmer of hope, though. Individuals like Atrioc are taking steps to rectify past mistakes, assisting those affected. But it’s a small beacon in the vast, stormy ocean of deepfake content, which threatens to ‘overwhelm’ the internet, as the Internet Watch Foundation warns.

So, as we tread these digital waters, let’s be mindful of the unseen currents beneath, shaping an internet that’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate with confidence.

#DeepfakeAlert #AIEthics #OnlineSafety #CyberSecurity

The post Deepfake Dilemma: The Alarming Spread of AI-Generated Intimate Content first appeared on Byte Syze Crypto.

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Solana’s Soaring Success: A Tale of NFTs Outshining Ethereum and Meme Coins Breaking Records




Ever found yourself wondering if the crypto rollercoaster ever slows down? Well, for Solana, it’s full steam ahead, with SOL and BONK leading a charge that’s turning heads and wallets in the crypto realm.

Solana’s native coin, SOL, hit a triumphant 19-month high early Friday, touching $73.85 and marking a substantial recovery from its late 2022 lows. As of the latest check, it’s sitting pretty at just over $73, up 13% in 24 hours, according to CoinGecko.

Not to be outdone, Solana’s meme coin sweetheart BONK is on an astronomical ascent, reaching a new zenith of $0.00001314. The price may have slightly dipped since, but with a 24% increase in a day and a 982% surge in a month, it’s clear that BONK is having its moment.

But there’s more—Solana is also stealing the spotlight in the NFT marketplace. With trading volumes soaring above Ethereum’s, projects like Mad Lads and Tensorians are seeing their prices multiply. In just 24 hours, Solana NFTs notched up $14.8 million in trades, edging out Ethereum’s $13.9 million.

So what’s fuelling this frenzy? A combination of factors, including the Jito airdrop’s $225 million value and a 92% increase in trading volume, are propelling Solana to the forefront of the crypto conversation.

It’s a narrative of resilience, innovation, and perhaps a dash of that old crypto magic—proving again that in this digital Wild West, fortunes can turn on a dime.

#SolanaSurge #CryptoNews #NFTBoom #BONKcoin

The post Solana’s Soaring Success: A Tale of NFTs Outshining Ethereum and Meme Coins Breaking Records first appeared on Byte Syze Crypto.

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AI Hype vs Reality: A Sobering Perspective from Industry Leaders




Ever felt like you’re watching a rerun in the world of tech trends? The latest episode in this saga is all about artificial intelligence (AI), with 2023 witnessing an explosion in AI chatter and applications that promise to either revolutionise our lives or spell doom for humanity. But as the AI narrative dominates headlines, there’s a voice of moderation cutting through the noise.

OpenAI’s COO, Brad Lightcap, recently expressed a thought-provoking stance in a CNBC interview. His view? The transformative business impact of AI is overhyped. CEOs won’t find a magic AI wand to skyrocket revenues or slash costs overnight. Yann LeCun of Meta concurs, likening present-day AI to a pet’s intelligence. Even regulators, like CFTC’s Christy Goldsmith Romero, urge a balanced approach to AI, warning against overreliance on AI models in financial markets.

While some tout AI as an economic game-changer, others fear its existential threats. The reality, according to industry experts like Lightcap, is more grounded. AI won’t replace real work and creativity; it’s a tool to augment human capabilities, perhaps best seen as a digital sidekick or research assistant. It’s an incremental journey towards artificial general intelligence (AGI), not a business revolution.

For crypto enthusiasts and professionals dipping their toes into AI, it’s a reminder to temper expectations with practical insights. As we navigate the AI narrative, it’s crucial to discern the hype from the helpful and to understand AI’s role in enhancing, not substituting, the human touch in innovation.

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #TechTrends #Crypto

The post AI Hype vs Reality: A Sobering Perspective from Industry Leaders first appeared on Byte Syze Crypto.

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