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Stanford, Marathon Digital Invest $81M in Blockchain Privacy Firm Auradine



Privacy-focused blockchain and AI startup Auradine raises $81 million in Series A funding

Auradine, a privacy-focused blockchain and artificial intelligence startup, has raised $81 million in Series A funding led by venture capital firms Celesta Capital and Mayfield. Bitcoin mining firm Marathon Digital Holdings, Stanford University, Cota Capital, and DCVC also invested in Auradine’s Series A. The company is based in Santa Clara, Calif. and is developing solutions for scalability, sustainability, and security. It expects to announce its first product this summer and will focus on serving clients in the financial and healthcare sectors. Celesta Capital managing partner Sriram Viswanathan and Mayfield’s managing director Navin Chaddha have joined Auradine’s board as part of their investments. This is a promising development for the company and the blockchain space as a whole. #Auradine #SeriesA #Blockchain #AI #Crypto

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